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“For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your JOY will be complete." –Deuteronomy 16:15

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Blog Site Updates & Writing Project Status

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to check in with the latest goings-on with both my blog page and my writing project status.  My, but the wheels of the writing world do turn slowly sometimes!  Like I tell Mary when we’re following an unhurried car on a two-lane road, “If he was going any slower he’d be going backward!”  But life is good, and the lessons I’ve had the pleasure of absorbing lately have been worth their weight in grief and experience!  As my fellow writers know, we live out Romans 8:28 every moment of every day, taking in experience and cranking out stories.  We just can’t help it, it’s what we do!



If you haven’t recently, please check out the other pages on David C. Hughes, Writer:

BIO: I’ve updated my bio with the latest information, including my most recent editing projects.  Two of the books I’ve edited since the beginning of 2014 have been published, and at least one more is in the works.

BYLINES: Caught up to reflect my latest devotionals as well as the acceptance of both Melted Clowns and The Epiphany of Joy for Publication by Progressive Rising Phoenix Press.

BOOK PROJECTS: I added On My Daddy’s Lap to the CHILDREN’S BOOKS category, and The Epiphany of Trust and Love Me from the Inside Out to the NON-FICTION BOOKS page.

EDITING SERVICES:  I’ve uploaded my recent reference letters and photos of the two books I edited that have been published.



Melted Clowns is now with Progressive Rising Phoenix Press in the preliminary design stage.  I can’t wait to see the first layout concept and I’m excited about how it’s going to turn out!  Anticipated release date: 9/20/2014.

The Epiphany of Joy is back in my hands after I sent a copy of the manuscript to more than a dozen readers well-versed in Biblical Truth.  I’ve received nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback on the book so far, and I’m pressing through the final updates with the goal of submitting the final manuscript to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press for initial design and layout.  Please check out my niece Emilie’s cover art, posted on The Epiphany of Joy tab under NON-FICTION BOOKS.  The girl’s got talent!  Anticipated release date: 9/20/2014.


Thanks again, my dear friends and loved ones, for your continued grace, support, excitement, and encouragement as I press forward with these projects.  I appreciate it more than you know!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” –Romans 8:28 NIV ®



Publication and Writing Status as of May 15, 2014

Here’s the latest status of my writing projects as The Epiphany of Joy and Melted Clowns move toward publication.  This process has been fun, interesting, exciting, and sometimes nerve-racking as I prepare the final manuscripts for submission to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press (www.progressivrisingphoenix.com).  After this post, I’ll report the latest status of all of my projects in the “Book Projects” tab at the top of my blog page.


Projects Under Contract:

The Epiphany of Joy 

The completed, edited second draft is now in the hands of the readers.  To ensure theological and Biblical veracity, I provided the manuscript to more than a dozen folks I consider extremely knowledgeable and very well-acquainted with Christian doctrine and the Bible, including several pastors.  Once the readers provide their feedback, I’ll incorporate their suggestions into the final draft.  In the meantime, my amazing wife, Mary, graciously answered the call to use her Spiritual gift of administration to fact-check the book and procure permissions to use quotes from other authors.  Once we accomplish all of this, I’ll ship it off to Progressive Rising Phoenix Press for design.  My sixteen-year-old niece, Emilie Hughes, enthusiastically took on the assignment to produce the artwork for both the front and back covers, and I can’t wait to see what she creates.  She’s one talented young lady, and I’m proud to have her on the team!


Melted Clowns 

Speaking of Emilie, she completed and submitted all of the artwork for Melted Clowns, and the next step is to submit the final concept to Progressive Rising Phoenix for design and layout.  I’m excited about this process, not only because the book will showcase Emilie’s immense talent, but also because this is my first experience creating an illustrated children’s book.  I’ve got so many ideas for future books and Melted Clowns is blazing the trail for all of them.


Other Projects:


Ten Little Hiccups 

Ken Bryson, a retired Air Force Colonel and my neighbor, agreed to illustrate my pre-school board book, Ten Little Hiccups.  My six year old, Hannah, drew the first sketch of a Hiccup after I tried to come up with a rendering of my own.  Ken took Hannah’s simple drawing and brought it to life, giving each of the ten Hiccups a personality and coloring scheme based on Hannah’s inputs.  Gotta love this kind of collaboration!


Children’s Story Collection and Love Me from the Inside Out 

While I wait for the readers to submit their comments on The Epiphany of Joy, I’m taking the next couple of months to put together a collection of short children’s stories based on tales developed while playing the “Tell Me a Story” game with Hannah.  I intend to write several fairy tales in the style and voice of the brothers Grimm, many of them humorous.  I also intend to throw in a couple of weird ones (I still love writing ghost stories, and Hannah loves listening to them!).


After writing the book of children’s stories, I’ll then embark on the initial planning and interviewing for Love Me from the Inside Out, a true story about our friend Courtney Gonzales’ challenge to maintain hope after doctors diagnosed the baby she carried with omphalocele, a gestational condition in which the fetus’ intestines, liver, and other organs develop outside of the baby’s abdomen in a sac.  Miraculously, Courtney not only delivered her son, Landon, but she was also instrumental in convincing and assisting the medical staff to treat Landon’s condition with a method known as “paint and wait.”  Landon not only left the hospital years early, but he is now a healthy, energetic four-year-old boy with one astounding feature: he has no belly button!  He is truly a miracle!


In Conclusion . . . .

I’m having a blast, and with your support, encouragement, and prayers we’re producing real fruit!  I appreciate each and every one of you.  Please continue to spread the word about my blog page, and keep me, my family, and Amanda M. Thrasher and Jannifer Powelson at Progressive Rising Phoenix Press in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to live this adventure one amazing moment at a time.


God bless!


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