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“For the LORD your God will bless you in all your harvest and in all the work of your hands, and your JOY will be complete." –Deuteronomy 16:15

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The Epiphany of Joy and Melted Clowns

Just a quick post to show off the covers for The Epiphany of Joy and Melted Clowns.  Both manuscripts are in final layout and Mary and I are excited about their upcoming births.  Very soon now . . . .

By the way, speaking of births, it’s interesting to note that I finished The Epiphany of Joy almost exactly nine months after I left my job.  And it’s such a pretty baby, if I do say so, despite the labor pains (or maybe because of them!).  I also signed the publishing contract the day of my 50th birthday.  The “coincidences” are uncanny and continue daily.  Like I keep saying, I know without a doubt God places these little treasures along the path of our days for us to keep our eyes open and find them.  Just today I was writing a short story for my children’s story collection, On My Daddy’s Lap, and I was fishing for a last name to use for my grumpy lunch lady.  The word “Verbat” popped into my mind.  I checked online to see if that was an actual last name, and discovered “verbat” means “refused to tolerate” in German.  It described my character perfectly even though I’d never heard of that name before, and I speak no German (although a major branch of my family tree came from Bavaria more than 100 years ago).  Anyway, I love it when God kisses me on the cheek like that!  There’s nothing like those kinds of reminders to keep me encouraged and moving forward.

God bless!

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The Epiphany of Joy Released to the Publisher

This afternoon I released the submission package for The Epiphany of Joy to the publisher, Progressive Rising Phoenix Press, www.progressiverisingphoenix.com.  Here’s the cover design concept I provided, which includes artwork by my 16-year-old niece, Emilie Hughes.  So proud of her!

Now the countdown to release begins!  I’m shooting for 9/20/2014, to coincide with the co-release of Melted Clowns and my first book signing event at the Barnes & Noble at the Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported my family and me throughout this almost three-year adventure.  Without your prayers, love, and encouragement, I’d probably still be working on the outline.  Ugh!

Next up: On My Daddy’s Lap, a collection of about 20 short children’s stories.  Then Love Me from the Inside Out.  Oh, and then there’s Ten Little Hiccups . . . . .   I LOVE this job!



Front Cover Concept for The Epiphany of Joy

Front Cover Concept for The Epiphany of Joy



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